Increasing Trend of Iris Scanners

Security and identification protocols

As of today identification of each individual has become very essential. Each individual has to be differentiated based on some general trait or character that is different for everyone. It is an important process to maintain law and order in addition to security. Thanks to science it has become quite easy to distinguish each individual from another. Many countries and states have adopted protocols and procedures recommended by technological experts. Airports, universities, offices and many sensitive institutions are the ones that especially need to take care of their security by identifying each and every person.

Iris scanners and other scanners

Iris scanners have been in the market for almost 25 years now, but this technology did not get the boost as other similar technologies. Instead of scanners technologies like fingerprint scanning become center of the focus worldwide. Fingerprints are extensively used now a day to verify people’s identity. Identity cards hold the finger prints of the related person huge databases are kept by the concerned government institution in case verification is required. Fingerprint scanners utilize the patterns of the fingers and thumbs which are different for each person, to distinguish people.

An Iris scanner on the other hand scans the iris of each person for distinguishing people from each other. The difference in each person’s eye pigment serves the purpose for distinguishing one person from the other.

Return of the iris Scanners

Now after almost a quarter of a century has passed these scanners are again facing an increase in their usage. An American agency called the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has initiated a program for utilizing iris scanners to recognize each person. The agency has already scanned iris of almost 460,000 people to replace finger prints. As a start this technology will be used by border patrol and the department of defense. Similar tech is also being used in Iraq by the U.S forces for recognizing local Iraqis that work with them.




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