Introducing diamond based fast processors

The need and demand for faster computer processors is increasing with each passing day because of the new technologies we are developing every day. The new technological advance systems require greater power and processing capabilities, so the processing companies need to keep pace with advancement.

Faster processing a big problem for manufacturers

So it is obvious that greater processing power is only possible by increasing the capabilities of the processors which has become a constant source of tension for the developers and manufacturers. This is because of the fact that the processor of a CPU is made up of transistors which are responsible for performing the processing function. These transistors are made up of semiconductors particularly of silicon.

To increase the processing capability of a processor usually the developers increase the number of transistors on the CPU. They do it by installing a greater number of transistors in the same amount of area which was present for the previous number of transistors. It is easy said than done because as the numbers of transistors are increased in a smaller area a lot of heat energy is generated. Due to the dissipation of heat the temperature of the CPU raises greatly which can even melt the silicon transistors. So the manufacturers are looking for a solution to this problem.

Diamond Based semiconductors a better option than silicon semiconductors

It is rather hard to believe that how a diamond can be a semiconductor but it is not much of an issue now. Doping a diamond with boron can turn it into a p-type semi-conductor but for processing purpose p-type and n-type both semi-conductors are necessary. Recent researches have made it possible to make a n-type semi-conductor out of a diamond so now it is possible to make diamond transistors. These diamond transistors will be able to bear high temperatures without showing any signs of stress.

But the major problem behind using diamond based semi-conductors is the high price of diamonds that is because of the hard work behind mining a small piece of diamond from earth. So it would be quite uneconomical to develop CPU’s using diamond. But it is possible that we might use diamond that are made artificially that are purer than natural diamonds, companies like Gemesis and Apollo Diamonds may make it possible for to sell diamond at low price of $5 which will be a great breakthrough for computer manufacturers.



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