“Line-X Spray” making things almost indestructible

The worth of a material depends upon its certain characters or properties. A material’s worth increases with better desired properties and its usage depends upon these properties as well. But as of today our usage of material has gone quite versatile. Different level of job requires different material with special properties. Some of the objects require a single material with various properties. So material scientists of today are able to do make such material that can render desirable properties in the material used according to the function they have to perform.

Now it is possible to take the properties of different matters combine them and make a material that is more reliable and holds the properties of a number of materials in it. So utilizing this many such materials have been created alloys are a great example of such materials. Steel an alloy of different metals. Steel is used for making a lot of things instead of iron as it increases the materials strength and is rust proof.


Making materials indestructible with line-X

A UK based company has introduced a material which is available in the form of a spray to make things strong and durable enough that they can be considered almost indestructible. It is called Line-X spray. This spray is a type of a polymer called polyurea that makes the object on which it is sprayed capable to with stand heavy impacts and prevents it from rust and abrasions.

Line-X spray can be used on a variety of objects made of different material and is fast setting so it is used widely. The major usage of line-x spray is on vehicles especially as a protective coating for pickup trucks. It is military grade material and is utilized by the military itself as a protective coating for a number of objects. It is used in the white house as well to make it bomb proof. All in all line-x is quite a useful product with many applications and many future aspects.



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