Bring back the dead to life

Concept of death

A person is considered as medically dead when his or her brain cells more particularly the brain stem cells are no longer able to function that is stem cells are considered as dead. The concept of death is quite simple for common minds to understand, when a person’s body is no longer able to perform any kind of biological work for the organism to sustain any longer.

Medical sciences and the human body

Today medical sciences has got to level that is quite impressive. There is no longer need to worry about minor diseases which were a threat to the human body. Even the medical is now able to answer to conditions of patients which could not be described in the past. Diseases like cancer, kidney problems, digestive system problems all of these are almost treatable to some extent.

Death of the brain

Many medical cases arise when the patient is declared medically dead because the brain no longer continues to work that is the brain dies. This may occur due to some disease or an accident. In this condition it is almost impossible to revive the person back to life because the brain stem cells can no longer perform their function.


But as of today the medical sciences have advanced to the level where it has begun to achieve success in reviving a brain dead person back to life.

The dead brain revival project

A team of medical experts has been assembled to try reviving dead brains back to life. These experts are supported by biotech companies that are Bioquark Inc. and Revita Life Sciences. Initially they have received the permission to carry out their experimental treatment on 20 patients that are declared medically dead.

The treatment is based on the regeneration of brain stem cells just like some amphibians and fish are able to regenerate damaged brain back to normal. The patient will initially receive doses of peptides. Along with peptide doses the patient will be bi-weekly injected with stem cells. The brain of the patients will be monitored to observer any activity and to show signs of regeneration. The treatment will be supported by stimulating central nervous system by already existing medical devices and tools.

It is too early to say that the doctors will be able to complete revive a dead brain back to life. The current focus is just to revive a portion or part of a brain. To achieve complete revival we have o go a long way.



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