DARPA challenges to create an AI hacker

AI Revolution

Research in artificial intelligence is disclosing new aspects which require our attention. The artificial intelligence has proven to be a start of another phase for the field of computing and information technology which has revolutionized the field completely. It is expected that in near future every electronic appliance and device will be autonomously work on its own without the intervention of any human being.

Scientists have been predicting the usefulness as well as the negative aspects that are associated with a powerful artificial intelligence system. A super artificial intelligent computer will be able to solve complex problems and could be possibly able to predict a number of outcomes of the situations at hand.  Some tech giants have already laid the foundation by introducing low level AI systems such as Siri for iOS and IBM’s Watson but still these systems are not advanced enough to think own their own as an AI should. But in a few decades we will be seeing a completely autonomous AI system.

An Artificial Intelligence that is able to hack

Yes that is right an artificial intelligence that is able to hack in to other computers is possible. U.S based research facility called DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) that is mainly focused on producing new technologies to support the national security. Recently DARPA has given a challenge to the hackers to develop a computer that can fix flaws in software before the hackers can exploit that flaw and create problems for the user.

The AI computer would be able detect any flaw that otherwise goes unnoticed even for months until it is spotted by a programmer, which is then cleared and released for use. To motivate the challengers DARPA is offering a prize money of 2 million U.S dollar for the first, a 1 million U.S dollar for the second and a prize money of 750,000 U.S dollars for the person or team that stands third in the contest to create an AI hacker.




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