“Biohacking” changing the perspective of life

Describing “ hack ” and “ Biohacking ”

The word hacking is commonly associated with the computers, that is gaining unauthorized access to some private or confidential computer or a network to get information. Hacking is normally taken as a negative word that involves mostly stealing but that is not true.

Humans have been hacking for billions of years. This word was used in late 60s and 70s for little tricks that people mostly students carried out in their idol time, tricks that were amusing and entertaining. Hackers developed new ways for doing things and created new things. It would be safe to say that hackers are the one who created or improved computer technology.

In the field of computer hacking, hackers have made some examples that gave a new perspective to the world of that is gaining access to the information that is not available otherwise.  There are both negative and as well positive aspects of it, it just depends how e carry it out.


A new term has been used recently for hacking it is called “Biohacking”. It is rather unfamiliar term for most of the people, so how to describe “Biohacking”? It can be described as conducting hacking in such a manner that could lead to change in the life. These changes may be associated with human or any other life form. The biohackers are conduct experiments on things related to every day biology that to explore more and more interesting facts about life and biology.

Biohacking had given us a new aspect for hacking. Just as computer hacker decodes and gains information, biohacking has given the concept of hacking into DNA that contains all information of a life form. Biohackers are to decode information from it that will prove a source for revealing secrets of life. It is focused creating human beings that are far more intelligent and capable than normal humans. Other life forms such as plant and animals can also be sources of research. This would more power, no more shortage of food and more development



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