Does artificial intelligence (AI) pose a threat to humanity?

Artificial intelligence is an intelligence system for machines. It enables the machinery to make decisions depending upon their own judgments which will maximize the chances for success to achieve some goal. These systems are rapidly getting attention all over the globe and a lot of research is being conducted in for developing a perfect artificially intelligent system that makes decisions with 100 percent accurate results.

The process of creating a super intelligent system is just some decades away from the grasp of humanity to achieve it. This development would prove to be a revolutionary one. It is predicted that these machines and systems will be able to solve problems and provide solutions to those that humans are unable to solve or a difficult for them. Problems like famine and disease control would be much easier to predict and solve.

Threats related to Artificial Intelligences

Besides the fact that artificial intelligence could prove beneficial for humanity, it could also prove threat for humanity. As many science fiction movies depict it is also possible that AI may become the cause of extinction of entire human race from the planet. This thinking that AI becomes a source of extinction of humanity has been residing since it was discovered. I.J Good a mathematician studying artificial neural intelligence in 1960s that machines will be able to self-improve and create convenience for humans by solving problems but later on he was convinced that a time will come that these artificial systems will develop so much that there intelligence will exceed those of humans that it may prove a threat for humans.

Currently two robots related accidents have been reported one which was a car accident. A Tesla model S vehicle got its driver killed while operating on autopilot the exact reasons for the accident have still to reveal while the investigation is still under progress. But the problem at hand is that who is too blamed? Is it the machines that are responsible for the deaths or humans are to be held responsible for it? Leading scientists from the world with the same thought that AI will prove disastrous if not properly regulated Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk are same world renowned personalities that think the same that AI is a dangerous technology as countries will rush in a race to achieve greater AI technology without taking any precautionary measures. So whether AI will prove a blessing or pose threat to humanity, the future will decide it.



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