Anti-Aging drug “NMN”

There are a number of anti-aging creams available in the market and most of them have no or little effect on reducing age. Here is a new research done by  some of the researcher which is about a drug which is considered to be an anti aging source name as “Nicotinamide mononucleotide” NMN.  May be in the future, it brings another advancement in human life and they would be able to hide their  age by using the anti aging drug.

Research on the anti aging drug

The research is in the process at the Keio University, it has been tested on animals that has shown positive sign in slowing the aging process. Soon it is going to be tested on humans to confirm that it is safe for humans or not. If the test on human will give positive result then the Washington University in ST.Louis and Keio University is going to proceed the rest of research next month in Japan.The research on this anti aging drug will continue by giving it to 10 healthy people. It will be observed that it leaves positive effects on improving bodily functions or not.

Analysis of Research team

The professor  Shinichiro Imai of Washington University  has analyzed that NMN could positively extend human’s life by gene activation, which is known for its anti aging effects called  sirtuin. It has the ability to silence the specific gene, which are related to the promotion of aging. When the drug NMN was given to the mice, it was observed that  it has the ability to  reverse the effects of age like eye sight. The Professor said that it was a remarkable success that we have tested on mice. It is expected that next year government will contribute in the promotion of research which will definitely lead to more positive results.



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