$50 trillion world power network

POWER – The Chinese are proving themselves as the fastest emerging nation or it would be better to say the biggest economy of the world. The Chinese have achieved this status after spending countless hours hardworking in almost every field of interest whether it is science, medicine or engineering. Throughout the history of China, it has been famous for its tireless hard work and creating wonders.

Now in 2016 China is planning to move completely towards renewable energy. The country has already been exploiting renewable energy resources greatly but still due to the size of the country such large demand for energy is difficult to meet till now even for China. Despite of the fact it has almost fifty thousand hydropower dams that meet a large demand of the country. But still it is not enough.

The $50 trillion power project connecting the world

The current supply of power is still not enough, not for China or the rest of the world, most of which depends on crude oil or furnace oil power plant. As it is evident that with passing time our demand will further increase because world is now turning towards electric power based cars and vehicles. Global Energy Interconnections (GEI) has just the plan to handle this problem. They have proposed the idea of building a global power grid network to meet the energy demand of the world. Initial estimation of the cost of the project is almost 50 trillion dollar.

The project is based on ultra high voltage grid that will connect many countries around the globe. The Chinese plan to utilize solar and wind power for the generation of electricity. The plan is to use wind power from the North Pole along with the solar power plants from the equator that are reliable sources of renewable energy. The time frame for the completion of the project is till 2050. The project is supposed to proceed in three phases that is from now to 2020 partner countries will work for the development of renewable sources of power and by 2030 will establish domestic power generation system based on solar and wind power. And by 2050 intercontinental power supply system will be built. This ridiculously mega project is targeted to generate 200 Giga Watts which would be enough for number a years to meet the future power demand.

Source : The Wall Street Journal



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