Stephen Hawking Concept of Singularity

Stephen Hawking and Quantum Physics

Doctor Stephen Hawking’s is one of the leading physicists of this era. He has been recognized as the Einstein of modern world. Doctor Hawking has contributed greatly in the field of physics more particularly in the field of quantum physics which is a part of modern physics. Quantum physics is a branch of physics which deals with the study of matter at atomic and subatomic level. It is the fastest emerging field of science which is undergoing a lot of research work. In spite of that more work is needed to be done in this field. Doctor Stephen Hawking can be regarded as the pioneer scientist who emphasized the importance and benefit of quantum level study of physical phenomena. Doctor Hawking emphasized on quantum physics because he believed that this can explain the making of this universe and we can reveal many hidden secrets of it.

The Singularity Theorem and Hawking Radiation

Doctor Stephen Hawking and his fellow scientist Roger Penrose established a theory about the black holes. Conveniently explaining a black hole can be described as a region in space time with such an immense gravitational force that every particle including the electromagnetic radiations of visible light cannot escape it. Doctor Hawking developed a theorem to explain what is at the center of a black hole. According to him particles moving inside the black hole when reach it center they are crushed with a gravitational force of infinite magnitude. Eventually these particles become one singular particle this theory is called The Singularity Theorem.

Albert Einstein was the one who predicted or explained the existence of black holes for the first time in 1916 but Stephen Hawking explained how the degenerating or of them. Doctor Hawking discovered the Hawking Radiation. From the time a black hole is formed an exchange of positive and negative particles begins. Positive particles are rejected while negative charges are attracted towards the black hole and fill it up but this requires a long period of time. Doctor Hawking explained all of these phenomena despite of his disability and in a rather astonishing way that is without any practical calculations instead he developed the these theories in his mind.



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