Quantum Physics an inevitable Technological Approach

Introduction to Quantum Physics

Science is expanding its wings with every passing day. The current technology is the result of years of research and experiments from all over the blog but still it is not that much efficient and accurate. Quantum physics is the branch of science that explains physical processes with the help of atoms, photons and other subatomic particles.

We have achieved somewhat progress in this field of research but still there is a lot of work that still requires it to be studied and explained.  Q computing is thought to change the world of computers entirely. But still it is still an idea because this requires a lot of research, engineering.

Research and engineering is not a problem because scientist have done enough research that like sending a single photon to orbit around the earth and teleportation of Q states of photons and atoms. So the problem today is that the scientist lack funding to achieve this technology.

The 1 billion Euro Quantum Flagship Project

The European Union has announced a grant of 1 billion euro for the scientist working on the Q computing projects so it funds are no longer to be the problem. European Commission has also set a deadline for the introduction of quantum technology flagship in 10 years.  This will prove a milestone for this field and probably a major breakthrough will be seen in a few coming years.

Introducing quantum technology will mean unbreakable encryption, an internet that cannot be hacked and accurate quantum clocks. This will also mean development Q software and Q sensing and imaging.

Quantum sensing and imaging will be helpful in improving medicine including diagnosis of diseases and treatment. Sensing a world in a different way than before using quantum sensing, quantum clocks for accurate measurement time. It is thought that a quantum clock is capable to lose or gain only one second per 30 billion years and the most important of all quantum computers which will take the field of computing to a new height solving problems and created models and simulating in manner that no computer available computer technology today is not capable to pull off.




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