Google’s Virtual Reality Browser

Entering the world of VR

The world of electronics has reached yet another milestone and this is by the development of devices that enables one to experience the virtual reality version of electronic media, games and movies etc. tech companies like oculus, Samsung and many more of the  have launched their own versions of virtual reality glasses. This technology has unlocked a new era where the technology unlike before is advancing in a different way because of the change in perspective of the developers. Now the world wants to have the 360 degree experience of gaming and movies. So the technology has to move according to the demands of people. With each passing day new aspects of this technology are appearing on the market.

Virtual Reality projects and virtual browser

Google has announced to take internet to another level. It is working on the development of a virtual reality headset that will be able to take the user in to the world of virtual reality. The developers at google are working with android versions of google chrome. The current beta version of chrome for androids is only capable to support open source WebVR that is only the currently available websites that already support virtual reality are able to run but the problem is for websites that do not support VR one has to remove his or hers virtual reality headset. Google developers have been on to making the dev version of these headsets the “Virtual Reality Shell or VR Shell” that will be much better than the beta versions, with a variety of new features including that will allow the users mobile VR headset to browse any website whether it supports the virtual reality or not that means the user will be able to have a full 360 degree experience of virtual space.

Google’s upcoming version of VR headset called the Daydream is supposed to support the VR Shell. It is technologically far more advanced form of the google cardboard. Google card board was a cheap easy to access virtual reality headset. It was designed to make the users accustomed to the virtual reality and served its purpose very well.  Now the Daydream along with the VR shell will hopefully have the customers fulfill their desire of experiencing virtual reality in near future.




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