“Metal Gear Solid” Inspired Bionic Arm for Amputee Gamer

There was a time when with the loss of one or more limbs man was considered to be incapacitated and useless. It was true then but now with the passage of time this concept is completely negated by science because of the advancement in technology anything can be made possible so is to overcome the incapacity of disabled people. The Answer to the problem is advanced biomechanically engineered limbs. These robotic limbs are specially designed according to its user which enables him or her to use it with quite an ease but after a period of rehabilitation.

The Bionic Gamer Arm

World renowned game developing company Konami has got one step ahead from other Bionic limb developer. The company has developed a robotic and a rather futuristic arm. This bionic arm is especially for gamers, more specifically said for amputee gamers who still have desires to use to their gaming platforms. This super gamer arm has a look inspired form a Konami game “Metal Gear Solid’s” character Snake. The character has been equipped with an awesome Robotic-arm capable of a lot of things. With the help of team of talented artists and designers such as Sophie De Oliveira Barata and Adrian Godwin and a 3D printing company Open Bionics, Konami has been able to develop such an arm. The gamers arm is not just for show it has many built in features such as Bluetooth, a USB port for charging, a screen which enables the user to enjoy his mobile phone on it. Last but not the least the arm has a quad copter resting on his shoulder which can be controlled by the user by one hand. The 4.7kg arm connects with the body of the user and using nerve signals it can be moved even lift a coin. All in all it is the dream of every amputee gamer to have such an arm and hand.

“James Young” the lucky amputee

25 years old Londoner James Young is the lucky amputee whose passion for gaming leads him to the Bionic Gaming Arm by winning a contest held between 60 amputees. The arm is specially designed according to the body features of James. The prosthetic arm is a very delicate technology and it alone took almost four months to make the hand. Although it is $100,000 project that was funded by Konami but it was worth the cost.



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