Another step towards zero emissions: Sweden’s “E-Highway”

Zero Emission Vision

Planet earth has been inhaling millions and billions of CO2 emissions caused by human civilizations inhabiting it for years now. This has caused a lot of damage to the atmosphere, climate and over all environment of the world. Now after a long period of cause of pollution the human world governments have realized the importance of lowering CO2 emissions along with NOx’s and SOx’s within the environment certain countries have came forward and taken steps to overcome this situation. Sweden has proven to be one of the leading countries fighting for a better environment zero CO2   emissions. Sweden has taken many initiatives to support its “Zero CO2 Emission” mission which have to quite effective. According to a survey it has been proved that Sweden is one of the top three countries in the Europe as well as the world which has mostly shifted from fossil fuels to utilizing various sources renewable energy.

Electric Powered based transport

Electric powered based transport facilities instead of utilizing fossil fuel based vehicles is an initiative Sweden has taken to reduce the emission of fossil fuel based environment damaging gases in the atmosphere. Electric powered trains has been employed all over the world which employ over hanging electric wire to work but now two Swedish companies Siemens and Scania have mutually started a project for development of “E-Highway” so that private transport vehicle such as cars and trucks can run on the same principle of overhanging wires connected with pantograph equipped vehicles. The project is in its initial stages, for now it has been limited to a 1.2 mile stretch of a highway in Sweden. The project is just for trucks equipped with pantograph only as it has been undergoing experiments to determine that whether it is economically feasible or not and to determine other related prospects before introduction in the commercial market. Besides all this the E-highway is going to prove a milestone in transport and well as for the sustainable development programs and is destined to be our future.



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