The Autonomous Growing Drone Technology

During the past few years advancement in the field of technology has been accelerated to a great speed. Use of drone technology has been observed to increase whether it is for the matter of war, to keep law and order or for the purpose of a successful business drones have played an important role. Everyone with knowledge and who has means is trying to mold the technology through a variety of innovative method, contributing in the advancement of the drone technology. Drones have proven to be of great replacement for humans in the fields of agriculture, environmental surveillance and for emergency situations.

Reshaping the drone technology

With the introduction of drones in the commercial market an outburst in the variety of ways it is used has been observed. Still there are many improvements that are waiting to take place in the technology. Recently a great advancement took place in drones when Airobotics a tech based startup became the first to develop drones which can be operated without any human intervention.

Airobotics “Optimus”

They named it as “Optimus” the drone which do not require any human intervention for its flight operations although humans will still be needed to run the system at any point. The drone is customizable quad copter with the ability to carry a payload of 22lbs. The main part the Airobotics system is the airbase, which is a self driving plat form serving as landing and launch pad along with this it, is able to replace the batteries of the drone of offload the payload from the drone. Optimus can serve as a multipurpose drone that is by swapping sensors, it can be used from surveying to security surveillance.

Other developer and future prospects of drones

Many other drone developers are playing their part in the growing industry of drone technology by making newer and improved drones. Skycatch in Japan have been utilized for the purpose of surveying and was able to help complete a task in a few minutes which would have taken weeks. Now after the removal of the requirement of license for operating by Federal Aviation Authority more people will be able to take part in the growing drone industry towards a bright future.



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