1000 Core Processor Now a Realty

Mankind’s struggle for technology

Mankind’s struggle to attain the ultimate processor technology is everlasting which began from the time of cave men. It started millions of years a ago when the first human appeared on the face on the planet and continues even now. The first mechanical computer was invented in 1821 followed by ENIAC .It was created in 1946 which was a colossal machine almost weighing 50 tons.Since then a lot development has taken place in the industry with creation of new technology and the computers getting faster and faster in sense of computing with the help of increasing number of processing units.

The 1000 core processor

The need and desire to increase the processing power of computer processors is ever growing so that larger amount of digital scientific data can be analyzed at much faster rate. After a long lasting struggle a group of scientists at the University of California, Davis have been able to design a 1000 core processor what now is being called “Kilocore” on a small 32nm  CMOS microchip. The “Kiocore” is a huge advancement towards supercomputing and has set a miles stone for other developers.

What “Kilocore” is capable of?

Kilocore the supercomputing processor is capable of processing almost 1.78 trillion instructions simultaneously. The new kilocore processor with multiple cores more appropriately 1000 processing units is able to use each processor as an independent unit which can be shut down without causing any interruption to other processors working, this enables efficient use of power so it can be operated with a simple AA battery. According to the developers, the processor is 100 times more efficient than any ordinary laptop or PC. Unfortunately it cannot be used for commercial purpose as the applications and games today work more efficiently using only a single thread as it is very difficult breaking such software into small chunks that can be processed on multiple processors simultaneously which our programmers have not been able to do up till now. So this 1000 core super fast processor can only be utilized for encryption and decryption of data and for video processing purpose only, so for now it is for dealing with scientific data only.

Source: The Verge



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