Digital Immortality – Transhumanism – Part 1

Digital Immortality is what you have when you combine big data with AI or Artifical Intelligence. Transhumanism perfectly captured the relation between the technology, the God and ego. But many of transhumanists are not agree, they only wants a better and longer life for the humanity.

Digital Immortality

This is what you have when you combine big data with AI or Artifical Intelligence. Big data is the outside of our device storage of all the different digital data points about our life. All of our social media Tweets and posts, all of our e-purchases, all of our emails, all of the surveillance data from when we swipe an ID card to enter a building. All of this stuff is stored, and finally out there in the cloud, with multiple cloud providers. So that is big data. AI, is an operating system that tries to replicate one or more functions of the human mind. So there is AI, for example, AI can navigate your way around a new city, just like your mind would try to navigate your way around a new city. There’s AI that can recognize a person or another one out of a list of 1000 different photos. Many of us even have that AI now on Google photos, on our phone.

‘Mind Uploading’ & Digital Immortality May Be Reality By 2045 : Michio Kaku

What happens with a virtual human is when AI gets better and better and cobbles together hundreds, even thousands of different types of AI software programs and is mated with the part of big data that is person’s or another person’s part of big data. You then can have a digital simulacra, or a digital doppelgänger, that will certainly look like you. It will sound like you. Voice and images are not that difficult. But more remarkably, it will begin to think and analyze and perhaps even feel like you because it will have had access to so much of your history.

People want it in a number of different applications. It’s remarkable how many new technological developments have arisen from trying to help with a human disability. For example, the telephone, which we all take for granted, grew out of Alexander Graham Bell’s efforts to help the deaf. Another example, the scanner … arose out of Ray Kurzweil’s efforts to help the blind find a way to read things other than braille information.

Immortality Avatar Project - 2045
You can find : Immortality Avatar Project – 2045

What’s happening right now is that as with the aging population, there are larger and larger numbers of people who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. This would be a software system that would employ visual recognition, image recognition, voice recognition and voice synthesis, to be able to interact with family and friends, visiting an Alzheimer’s patient who has lost the ability to interact on their own.

Before the second part, what do you think coming next?



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