Transhumanism takes us into a totalitarian scenario

TRANSHUMANISM INTERVIEW – On the occasion of the publication of his latest book, The Time of Man, Tugdual Derville gave a great interview. He argues there for a human ecology revolution to avoid the advent of “an atomized society, with individuals errant , without roots.”

The Time of Man, for a revolution of human ecology
The Time of Man, for a revolution of human ecology

Tugdual Derville is a French personality of associations known for his involvement in the care of children with disabilities.

He is CEO of the VITA Alliance association, he is also spokesman of the Manifestation For All and co-initiator of the current for a Human Ecology.

His latest book, The Time of Man, for a revolution of human ecology, has just been published by Plon.



Transhumanism – The State Council has approved, Tuesday, May 30, the transfer in Spain of semen of the deceased husband of a woman for a post-mortem insemination, and out of respect for their design project ‘a child. This decision inspires you?

Tugdual DERVILLE. – This is the same type of anthropological rupture confirming the alert launches Time of Man. As soon as one overcomes the three limitations inherent to mankind – the sexed body, the counted time and the inevitable death, it leads to madness. Here, one requires to conceive already fatherless child. Here’s how our company switches to omnipotence: demolishing the bearing walls of our humanity, always at the expense of the weakest. The excuse used is that of the suffering of a woman who lost her husband. But, as I could see myself accompanying many mourners, only the consent allows real true consolation. Beget children from the dead brought humanity into a genealogical confusion era. The “tyranny of the possible” generates an atomized society, with individuals errant , without roots.

Tugdual_Derville - Transhumanism takes us into a totalitarian scenario
Tugdual_Derville – Transhumanism takes us into a totalitarian scenario

How the human ecology makes a vital service to humanity?

Human ecology is here to protect “the whole humanity”. It is an integral humanism. Its scope extends to all human activities, from agriculture to culture, linking them with the same concern: to serve man. No one should be treated either as an object or as an variable adjustment. Human ecology is the millennium challenge because the man was able to pinpoint life. The transgenic embryo is not far. The responsibility of mankind is no longer just to bequeath to future generations a habitable planet; we must convey to the men of tomorrow anthropological markers and now “genetic”.

This is an anthropological emergency, because human nature is threatened with destruction. We risk the generalization of the exclusion process unconscious scapegoat described by Rene Girard. He already explained our eugenics disability carriers persons are considered evil source, undergo antenatal exclusion intended to find peace. In reality, it is a permanent war is declared to the most fragile humans. After selecting men with eugenics, scientists dream of man out of his condition by tanshumanism. They think that man must at all costs avoid the human condition, with its fragility hand as the limits that frustrate it. This is the new Promethean fantasy. It would lead to an all-powerful man, a God-man. It would be a mass dehumanization because the vulnerability is worth humanity.

Why do you think that motherhood is threatened?

I will first describe pregnancy as our universal and original experience, incredibly rich. It is the source of anthropology of the gift that structure any society. Some “deconstructive” prophesy abandonment. In the name of egalitarianism of gender, they would liberate women from the maternity body, considered a disposition. Surrogacy is a first attack that broke out between two or three maternity woman progenitor, gestational mother and educator. A step further, the artificial uterus finally would eliminate the distinction between the sexes. We are in a totalitarian scenario, close to the Brave New World . The nationalization of motherhood delivered to the technique would be draconian. Transhumanist referred is also extremely elitist: this alleged progress would be reserved for affluent societies. The poor remain docked.

Fortunately, the “complexity barrier” of reality contradicts the simplistic fantasies Promethean. The “mechanical” human is infinitely more complex than a computer. Artificial intelligence has certainly accomplished feats… But man is not just a brain, it is also a body in relation to its environment, and a mystery… Witness the complexity of what is being played between mother and that she wears: epigenetic transmission, biological and psychological interactions… the intrauterine life has a major influence on the mother and the future of his child.

Contrary to say the promoters of surrogacy, it is senseless to organize early separation, for the satisfaction of desires of adults, between a child and one who wore nine months. Sometimes tragedies or accidental deaths come. What is terrible in the context of surrogacy is that the break is scheduled.

How you are considering the family ecosystem? it has been weakened? What solutions do you propose to preserve it?

The family is the basic ecosystem. When a man is born, he does not land in nature but primarily in a culture, that mother called, and that starts with a culture of care and love. This family ecosystem is the origin of every society. The village is a family of families. The “country” within the meaning of nearby territory, is a family of families of families… Our nation honors the beautiful word “brotherhood” in its motto: it shows how the family link is the first reference of any life in society. I do not deny that it can also be a place of suffering.

Today, despite the brittleness it has suffered, the family resists: still 70% of French children live with both parents. This is a landmark acclaimed by the French: 80% believe that a child needs to live with his father and mother for his best development. It is not just the political equivalent models erect certain types of configurations from a rupture or a still painful mourning. Parental separation remains a source of suffering for any child. The minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem can say the opposite, suggesting to college students that divorce makes them suffer any more… This is a denial of human ecology.

As Lionel Jospin, we must remember that humanity is made of men and women. This fundamental parity is to defend. In Britain, it is now legal to artificially conceive three parents, the child of a man and two women, one “gives” her mitochondrial DNA. It breaks a landmark anthropological structuring. Parity man woman, want to abolish the deconstructive, must be protected in the generation.

The libertarian compulsion spawned many family sufferings, especially ridiculing sexual fidelity. Yet it remains a valuable asset for the majority of French. May 68 devoted emotional instability, especially at the expense of women and children, letting us believe that his teenage phrases like “enjoy unfettered” or “it is forbidden to forbid” liberated. In reality, the regulation of desires, even the most legitimate, is essential for building trust company, security and protection of the weak.

I show in the time of man, how far the logic of deconstructive who do not hesitate to advocate for jumping the “last sexual taboos” of incest to bestiality. Basically, it is the abolition of all pins, grub up the roots, and liquefaction of the company he would enact. The anthropological rebellion is legitimate.

At a time when the declinism is widespread in our country, you see in France a land “rebel”, conducive to human ecology. Why?

It’s the French paradox: the country of deconstruction has begun in recent years, its anthropological revival. French academic known around the world as Jacques Derrida, has been through in the libertarian sense. The latter, who pleaded, shortly before his death, for marriage between same sex, estimated at the same time that marriage should be abolished! The method is not small and the Trojan invades the institution from within, to destroy it.

France is also a dignity country, and a bioethics exception that rejects any commodification of life: the human body parts are off-trade. Utilitarianism and the commodification of life that exists in Anglo-Saxon countries and in some poor areas have not yet contaminated the French country. The State Council has expressed about the GPA recalling that France should not “align with the lowest bidder ethics.” Another example, France retains the name of human dignity, an abolitionist position on prostitution. Resistance Surrogacy is also heard everywhere on the political spectrum.

More generally it is so to speak, “the soul of France”, resulting in its history, which gives it its amazing resilience. For many years, in the humus of French society, ensure Resisters single thought, committed to the City of service. Away from the media spotlight, they lead a silent revolution. What is happening is more important than what is seen. It is their energy that is expressed at major events in 2013 against the Taubira law.

The creative power of resilience is peculiar to societies traumatized. So we’ve seen a new generation, carrier of hope, in love for the common good. It participates in cultural reversal. This process has started and it is already a promise of victory. However, while the ideology of May 68 was youthist this transformation mobilizes and integrates all generations. The social movement produced the “democratic competence rise” of thousands people, of all ages, who are now working to transform the world through their initiatives at the individual service. They abound everywhere in France: humanitarian initiatives, cultural, editorial, schools, foundations… This mode is the opposite of that small groups of followers media provocations. Far from the vain agitation, weaves over the long term, the Human Ecology French company whose need.

The increased human project is a crazy fantasy?

The grown man, transhuman (trans-human), the genetically modified man are only updating the myth of Icarus, whose outcome is programmed: a deadly crash. The only difference is that we are all concerned now.

The transhumanist project aims to create a super-man, a superior man, flesh melting and machine. It is related to the exponential growth of knowledge in four areas, nanotechnology, molecular biochemistry, computer science and neuroscience. At the heart of this fantasy lies the rejection of any idea of transcendence, confinement of reason in rationalism. It is a new obscurantism. To satisfy this fantasy, it opens a Pandora’s box of scientism exerted against human rights, including through experimentation on embryos conceived in vitro, that is alive but treated as a thing. Transhumanists impulses are carried by a materialistic and utilitarian doctrine conveyed by the big international firms of the Internet, that fund to the tune of billions of dollars. These designs are beyond the control of States. Politicians in France has riveted the eyes in the short term, the close elections, while the urgency is the long-term governance. It has no global vision of humanity, or adjusted anthropology. He swims helplessly in midstream in economic or social tropisms that have no meaning if one does not know who the man.

It is necessary that political power will seize the transhumanist challenge as the vital issue of the millennium. Biopolitics this challenge is even more essential and crucial that the climate challenge. The future of humanity depends on it.

Regulate science with ethics is a vital imperative. It is not to challenge the benefits of magnificent scientific and medical discoveries. But, like the child who acquires the muscle learns to refrain from hitting the weakest, and we should refrain from infantile omnipotence when we touch the nature of man.

What can do the influence of political power on the promotion of human ecology?

Human ecology is a basic reality that impose political obvious. It is in itself a political design in the best sense of the term, because it is serving an integral humanism in all areas of our activities, without excluding any man, and integrating all dimensions of human, physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual. Obviously there will be more people aware of these issues to engage in politics more human ecology progresses.

But everyone can take today as a politician, regard for justice in its fields of competence, an entrepreneur humanitarian, taking initiatives for people who are under his gaze, and a social worker, able to care for those in need of it. We start from the vicinity and links between people and their activities to address realistically the social, economic, cultural and political. Assuming the “principle of subsidiarity”, we reject the collectivist individualo-drift which sees society as a collection of autonomous individuals subject to a technocracy that disempowers.

In Time of Man , I refer to a formula of Václav Havel: “living in the truth.” Political power is useless if it is based on artificial dividing lines, the wars of egos, ephemeral postures and simplistic slogans without referring to an objective truth about man. All of us fortunately has the ability to change the game by connecting to others to take the complexity of the challenges of life in society. The challenge is to build the foundation of society for the trust the French crave. Human ecology is ultimately “meta-political” because politics is meaningless if it is not made “at breast height” to help everyone take its rightful place in society. We must stop waiting for the right man. Our country loves ideas, great theories, but he needs to humble leaders. It is necessary to “go down in humanity”. What gangrene current political life is relativism and disregard for the truth. Ultimately, cultural change will occur before the policy change



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