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Through the power and the evolution of technology, humans are taking the role of Intelligent developer. We can upgrade ourselves and access to a fastest evolution of the humanity. Ultimately, we can become entirely new beings for a posthuman future.

Genetic Enhancement and Law

Genetic enhancement refers to the transfer of genetic material intended to modify non pathological human traits or gene capabilities. The term commonly is used to optimizing attributes or capabilities — perhaps by raising an individual from standard to peak levels of performance.

The goal is enhancement, the gene may supplement the functioning of normal genes or may be superseded with genes that have been engineered to produce a desired enhancement. Furthermore, gene insertion may be intended to affect a single individual through somatic cell modification, or it may target the gametes, in which case the resulting effect could be passed on to succeeding generations. But we just won the first step about law on genetic research.

Here is a TED video about the evolution of the human gene patent law:

This video shows the progress of the law on genetic research

Yuval Noah Harari
Yuval Noah Harari

This scenario has played out in science fiction, Yuval Noah Harari, an historian, in his book, Sapiens. Told “the latest human enhancements will be accessible only to the rich, leading to a 21st century society more unequal than any that came before.”

The revolution has in mind is borne of engineering and exploits mechanical, electronic, chemical and genetic progress. In place of treatments that correct biological deficits, like failing hearts, poor hearing and weak eyesight, will be procedures that improve on natural performance, making the fortunate recipients biologically better than the rest.

Genetic engineering will be more disruptive. A new genome editing procedure “Crispr” has given scientists their first real hope of making safe, precise changes to the human genome. They have already used it to correct cells with genetic faults that cause cataracts and cystic fibrosis. Similar therapies might allow improvements to human performance.


A post-human life

David Simpson,writer of Post-Human Series Books and also a TED speaker. He has filmed a short proof-of-concept based on his series, is an award-winning teacher and holds a Master’s degree in literature from the University of British Columbia.

Post-Human is a scifi proof-of-concept short based on the award-winning and bestselling series of novels by David.

David believe in a story in our head and getting it published. He is been part of the story-telling business since his twenties. He went out of the ‘Book Industry Professionals ways’ and took the risk of not hearing the voice of those ‘who knew’ about scifi books. Now he is living his dream of been a full time scifi author and maybe he can help us dream into the realms of a Post-Human not so far future.

The post-human future by David Simpson

Engineers are trained to try to figure out “how to achieve things that humans cannot”.

Many of the most exciting advances to improve human incapacities with things such as memory, hearing, stamina or intellect. In the field of nanomedicine, the notion of human enhancement is, in a lot of cases, a way to deal with disease: enhancing vision, cognitive functions or improving a person’s ability to move independently.

People living with a range of disabilities will benefit immensely from these advances. But what is the ethical, legal and social framework that will result from the wide adoption of these technologies? New devices will shrink with the use of nanomaterials to allow implantation or grafting by a simple injection or tattooing. The first generation of such devices are expected to act as health monitors (temperature, blood pressure, glucose levels) able to connect wirelessly with the patients’ smartphones and their doctors’ computers. The next generation will be more sophisticated, more capable and more functional, something like hi-tech hearing aids, vision aids or even memory aids.

We are still searching on this subject because there is a lot of informations about it. Please, help us to inform everybody about the human enhancement.




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