Is It The Greatest Threat To Humanity; “Transhumanism” ?

Transhumanism in the present era is being continuously promoted by the entertainment industry. The recent films like “Lucy” and “Transcendence“. Sponsored by the ruling elite, they see transhumanism as a way to immorality. And this should be considered as a red flag warning for the rest of us.

So, what exactly Transhumanism is?

Transhumanism basically is an idealism that essentially incorporates the advancements in genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics; the factor is introduced to improve human health, physical characteristics, and intelligence.
The growing usage of technology has also changed the mankind in regard to the abilities, performance, and intelligence. The faster rate of technology transfer to the digital world somewhere explains how quickly the younger generation is adopting the Sci-Fi changes and developments. Transhuman is considered to replace all the labor work requirements. The new technologies provide us a better way of communication and usage of entertainment with excellence.

The pace at which the advancements are moving; it is considered that the transhumans will be immortal, more intelligent, and will live in a far high standard than today’s standard of living. Sci-Fi believes that humans will live forever and will be immortal.

Transhumanism in the present era is becoming popular over the globe than anything else. And on the other hand, there are many newspapers and comic magazines which made jokes over transhumanism. Undoubtedly they, the transhumanism will evolve over the globe making a huge difference in terms of intelligence, performance, and abilities.

And as they are considered to be immortals with Geniuses at its peak, hence they will present a tuff and strong competition for a normal human being. They are expected to cross the threshold of powers, intelligence, and abilities which a normal human being just can’t afford. Personally, I believe that Transhumanism will become one of the greatest threats to Humanity in the upcoming future.



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