Smart Gloves: Virtual Reality reaches new heights

The invention of Smart gloves have given a new dimension to the way we interact with the virtual world. We can now sense heat, weight and motion of the objects of the virtual world with the help of these gloves. The development of smart gloves show that we can take our imagination to a new horizon with the help of virtual reality.

Smart Gloves have a motherboard

The gloves are no longer used to take out the hot dish from a microwave oven. These gloves carry a motherboard similar to your computer with sensors attached to it. The LED lights in the gloves show that they are in on or off state. The battery is also attached in the gloves to give it power.

Feeling Virtual Reality

  • You can now feel virtual reality in a way no one has ever thought before.
  • The smart gloves can feel motion of butterflies in your computer as you try to catch them.
  • You can feel the roughness of the objects with the help of smart gloves.
  • You can pick any object in the virtual space as if it is a real object.
  • The sensors in the gloves talk to each other so that you get a feel of the things you touch or hold.
  • You can also feel the heat and rainfall of the virtual space with smart gloves.
  • As you push objects like cards in the virtual world you can feel the vibration

Great Effort by Neuro Digital Technologies

The team of NeuroDigital Technologies has worked day and night to build smart gloves. They have worked on various samples and design before giving shape to the final product. They have already launched a working version of the smart gloves in the market.

Virtual reality is changing the ecosystem of how we separate the real and the virtual worlds at lightning speed. The development of smart gloves are the best example of it. The day is not far when our virtual avatars will travel to get the work done in the real world while we relax in our homes.




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