Artisianopolis: Floating City concept to become real

The concept of floating city of Artisianoplois can become real in not so distant future. The concept has been in striking in the home automation industry from quite some time now. Artisianopolis has given shape to the concept of floating cities, in a way never imagined before.

How the city can hold together on water?

The city will be built on the buoyant platforms. These platforms will be interlocked with each other in such a way that they don’t look separate entities. These platforms can take huge load and will never sink in water.

What will the people of Artisianopolis eat?

The people living in the city can grow the crops in greenhouse domes. They will get a continuous supply of clean drinking water. They will also get the desalinated water with the desalination plants installed within the city. The water for harvesting new crops will be available 24×7.

Hydroelectric and solar energy to get electricity

The people of Artisianopolis will get the electricity to run all the major electronic equipment from the solar and hydroelectric power plants within the city itself. These plants will be wide enough to cater the needs of the people living in the city.

Artisianopolis will counter the rough whether

The rough weather conditions of the ocean can cause massive devastation to the homes build in such cities. With the help of modular wavebreakers the city will be protected from the rough ocean weather. These structures will be built around the entire city to give it full protection.

The vision of Seasteading and DeltaSync

Artisianopolis has been envisioned by Seasteading institute and DeltaSync. The concept has been thoroughly planned and studied by both the entities. They are working hard on any problems that may arise after its implementation.

With the ever depleting land spaces on earth, the concept shows how the sea civilisations can grow in future. Artisianoplolis is still in its initial stages. The futurists believe that concept can become true in future. The need of more space to accommodate more human beings is certainly rising. With the advent of such cities this problem can be resolved.




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