Terahertz Quantum Lasers: To detect bombs

The scientists have developed new technology to counter bombs and explosives. The quantum laser can detect the bombs in very less amount of time. The quantum lasers have the ability to enhance the security of nation. This technology is really helpful for the countries hit by frequent bombings and terror activities.

Why Terahertz spectrum is unique?

  • Terahertz spectrum lies between the microwaves and infra-red light.
  • Terahertz quantum laser has the ability to detect the harmful material in microseconds.
  • The spectroscopic ability of the quantum lasers have been tested by scientists from many years now. The results of the tests have started coming in a fruitful way.

A bomb can be detected in 100 microseconds

  • The heavy explosives can be detected in 100 microseconds with the help of recent advancements in the field of quantum lasers.
  • These advancements have the power to save the lives of millions of people around the world.
  • The bomb detection squads can be given these devices to detect the bombs early.

Operational systems for Quantum lasers

  • The operational systems for quantum lasers were very bulky in the past.
  • The scientists at MIT’s research Laboratory of Electronics have developed a new device. The device is very light weight.
  • The main reason why it is lightweight is that there is no cooling systems in this device.
  • The older systems were bulky because of the cooling device. The current systems are chip sized.

Frequency of Terahertz spectrum is the reason

  • Terahertz spectrum has this amazing quality. The frequencies of Terahertz spectrum is evenly spaced.
  • The frequency of the spectrum looks like a comb. The material that comes in contact of the laser hence absorbs more radiation. This in turn helps detecting the bombs faster.
  • The use of quantum laser should be increased in the field of medicine and security.

The use of this technology not only saves time but is efficient to save our planet from destruction. The next time somebody thinks of planting a bomb to cause destruction, the bomb detection squads will be ready with this new technology to protect our planet.



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