Top Technology Prediction for 2025 by transhumanist Zoltan Istvan

Technology is evolving the way never imagined before. There are some predictions made by transhumanist Zoltan Istvan for the year 2025 related to technology. The predictions seem true because recent advancements in such technologies have shown great results. The technologies have the power to reduce the ever diminishing gap between human and machine.

Top predictions by Zoltan Istvan for 2025


1. Augmented Intelligence adding new dimension

Zoltan Istvan, the UK presidential candidate has given his predictions for the babies to be born with augmented intelligence in the year 2025. He predicts that the genetic editing of the human embryo will give amazing results in future. This technology holds the power of curing the brain related problems before the child is born. It will help boost the IQ of the babies at a very early stage

2. Run quicker with exoskeleton suit having Quadriplegic

The exoskeleton technology is still new but as expected by Zoltan Istvan the use of exoskeletons will increase in future and more and more people are going to adopt them. The people who have lost the legs in some accident are also looking up to this technology so that they can run again. The day is not far when we will have a Transhumanist Olympics.

3. Continue to post on Facebook after your death

We are escaping a mortal life with the help of social media. There are companies that are working hard in this field. Based on your past events, posts, pictures, videos and the people you constantly chatted with, the social media will post on your behalf to keep you alive. So even the person is dead he can be kept alive on social media.

4. Implantation of microchip in the bodies

People across the globe are getting updated with the latest technology which comes up in the market. Days will go when people will carry their purses or wallets along with them while going out as all the information will be available in a microchip which will be implanted in the person’s hand. The size of this microchip will be like a grain of rice. This microchip will help the person to fight against any disease which they are suffering from as well as will help people to control their body temperature or monitor their glucose levels available in the body.

5. Replace your heart with Robotic Hearts

With the advent of the heart diseases in people living in metro cities, heart surgeries are common but here we are talking about a Wi-Fi heart predicted by Zoltan Istvan. With the help of this robotic heart you can increase and decrease the blood pressure as per your choice. When you want to relax you can decrease the heart’s activity. The greatest challenge with artificial hearts is making sure they don’t get hacked.

The predictions made by Zoltan Istvan are very promising. Hence the power of transhumanism should not be undermined if we want to have a better future.







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