The Waternest: Eco-Friendly Floating House by Giancarlo

The Waternest is a new eco-friendly floating house which is designed by an Italian architect named Giancarlo Zema and is produced by EcoFloLife. The Waternest 100 is a circular pod like structure that provides 100 sq meter of living space.

About The Waternest

The 100 square meter living space are made up of 98% recycled materials which includes laminate timber as well as aluminum hull. It is powered by roof-top solar array. There are skylights, balconies as well as windows which are encircle in the abode. The efficient lightning as well as beautiful views that can be seen from that large windows. There are photovoltaic panels of 60 square meter which is embedded in the rooftop and provides electricity up to 4 kWp.

Natural micro ventilation with sophisticated system as well as air conditioning classifies it as a low consumption residential home. EcoFloLife comments that an automated temperature control system ensures that very low energy is consumed and also provide less maintenance.

The Waternest comes up with living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen as well as bathroom which gives a welcoming interiors. The circular layout of 12 meter diameter can be configured as a house where 1 to 4 people can stay. Apart from this, office, lounge bar as well as restaurant is available in this Waternest.

EcoFloLife Catalogue

The catalogue of EcoFloLife provides the top-design eco-friendly furnishings that complement the design and meets the most contemporary needs.

This home automation system allows the users to control the lightning, drawing the curtains as well as blinds and controls the sound system. Preset lightning, air conditioning and the sound profiles can be triggered and the users can also monitor the consumption of the energy as well as temperature.

According to Zema, the Waternest 100 will be launched soon in the market and users can enjoy staying there and have enjoy the beautiful views staying in such good home automated house.




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