Bionic arm: Solution for your arm’s numbness

The bionic arm has been developed by scientists to cure the numbness in the arm. The patients suffering from arm numbness can take great advantage from this artificial arm. The combination of robotics and biotechnology is used to make this arm. The electronics also play an important role in its functioning.

Bionic arm can break an egg

The bionic arm can be used to do the typing work and hold different type of objects. This arm can be used to do different type of kitchen work like breaking an egg so that you can prepare breakfast on your own.

Your wrist can rotate to 360 degrees

The bionic arm is controlled by using the muscle on either side of your arm. The numbness of your arm is thus eradicated using prosthetics on the arm muscles. The wrist of a bionic arm can rotate to a 360 degree angle which a normal arm cannot do.

Settings are in your hand

The settings of the bionic arm can be changed as per the desired behaviour. You can have the thumb movements just like your normal hand. You can change this to perform different sorts of actions. The material used in prosthetics is silicon. The silicon is fitted with a vacuum valves so that it fits comfortably to concur the numbness of your hand.

Perfect cure of numbness

The prosthetic surgery is painless way to cure the numb and dysfunctional arm. One of the reasons why people are reluctant to such surgeries is that people don’t know much about artificial intelligence. They think that it is impractical to have a robotic arm for longer run. But with the recent advancements this belief is proved wrong.

Bionic arms not the part of science fiction

With the recent research and successful applications on human beings the bionic arms are not the part of science fiction movies only. They can successfully cure the numbness in your arms or even legs in future. If these surgeries are done on large scale they can change the lives of millions of people.




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