A new Dimension to Virtual Reality using special Suits

A new invention in the field of virtual reality has been made. Special suits are being developed so that you can interact with the virtual world in the same way you interact with the real world. The special suits have been designed using a lot of natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Your body can travel in Virtual Space

With new advancements in the field of virtual reality the parts of your body such as your hands and legs can become the part of the virtual world. You can feel a tough surface in the virtual space just in the same way you do in the real world.

The suit won’t harm you

The suit has been designed with natural materials in such a way it causes no harm to your body. The suit will basically consist of jackets, pants, gloves and shoes. The material consists of thousands of pixels to give you the desired effect.

Virtual Reality will take you to Antarctica

Suppose you are wearing the suit and you are roaming in a virtual world of Antarctica. So you need to feel the cold of Antarctica right? With the help of these special suits you will feel that you are in Antarctica and feel the cold whether while playing a game or completing a virtual challenge.

You will know that you are walking

While walking in a virtual world you will feel your footsteps. These footsteps that you will take in the virtual world can be felt in the real world with the help of these suits. The virtual reality has moved one step further in providing you tactile feedback from the sole of your shoes.

An exoskeleton to track body movements

To perform the motion in the virtual worlds an exoskeleton has been prepared. The virtual world using these exoskeletons, can be experienced in theme parks and entertainment venues as the cost for having own exoskeleton will be on the higher side.

The virtual reality video is definitely changing the way we interact with the virtual world in a way never imagined before.




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