Innovative Smart Glasses with Gesture Control

Innovative Smart Glasses have become one of the most talked topic about gadget this year. Innovative Smart Glasses allows you to record videos, take pictures as well as connect to your phone with smart defined gestures.  Campaign was launched which allowed people to own the smart glasses before these glasses comes up in market for sale.

What Innovative Smart Glasses Does?

  • Records Video
  • Captures Pictures from the first person point of view
  • Get access to your smartphone anytime and anywhere
  • Smart Glasses are wearable on your head as well as they are hands free
  • Motion your hand by making the defined gestures around the sensors which are available on the frame

Features of Smart Glasses:


  • From first person point of view it captures pictures as well as records videos
  • Phone is controlled with the smart gestures


  • Connects with the help of Bluetooth
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices


  • Proximity Sensors
  • LED light indicator


  • Lithium Battery which can be rechargeable
  • Last for at least 2 to 4 hours


  • Motion Control
  • Hands Free
  • Portable
  • Wireless

Smart Glasses captures and records the moment providing full HD quality. Video recording is done with 1080p HD quality. With the help of smart gestures it helps it allows you to answer the call with defined gesture as well as you can easily switch songs and adjust volume whenever you are listening to the music which you like.

Innovative Smart Glasses works on defined gestures so that you can enjoy hands free controlling. These smart glasses are available in different styles as well as materials. So according to your requirement you can select any of the smart glasses. There are various companies which sales smart glasses in market so depending on your budget and your requirement you can choose best smart glasses for your smart phone.




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