UFO floating home for the next generation

A new ultra-modern UFO floating home has been conceptualized by yacht-maker Jet capsule. This is designed to float over water and move around the world with a relatively low speed. The home consists of all the basic amenities that a land based home comprises of. Because it floats on water, it is free from land based natural calamities.

No need to go to hills

You don’t have to go to the hills to escape the destruction of earth. UFO floating home has been designed for you. As the name suggests these homes are given the shape of a saucer .The UFO can float over the ocean.

UFO floating home can take you to world tour

With the help of this home, you can roam around the world through the ocean. The home moves at the rate of 4 miles per hour with the help of an 1800 watt electric motor. This motor is also eco-friendly as it draws energy from the solar cell panels.

No need to worry about drinking water

A water generator is there on the UFO floating home that converts rain and sea water into drinking water. This can also water a vegetable garden on the deck of the home.

A two storey UFO floating home

It has hemispherical two storey rooms which are flexible can be converted into a living room or a kitchen. The lower level of the floating home consists of bathroom and bedroom with large windows so that you can have a view of the beautiful ocean life.

Don’t worry the UFO won’t sink

The floating home consist of an elastic anchor system so your UFO will not sink even in the roughest sea conditions. These homes will be cheaper than a large size houseboat. The company is working on the first prototype and will launch it soon.

Once people actually start living in these homes it will most certainly decrease the price of the land. In the case of any disaster, people can take shelter in these homes to keep themselves and their children safe and secure.




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