Tritanium Spinal implant made possible by Stryker

The Tritanium spinal implant has been made possible by Stryker. The implant allows the natural growth of bones within the structure. So the people suffering from the back problems can get this surgery done to revive their spinal cord. Many severe back diseases can be cured by the help of this surgery.

Millions of people can take the benefit

With the help of this surgery millions of people can be treated. Tritanium is an alloy. It is very strong. So if you get your Tritanium spinal implant done other bones of your body will grow naturally around it.

Qualities of Tritanium make it suitable for the implant

Tritanium acts as a cage that allows bones to grow .It has radiographic capabilities as well. These capabilities of Tritanium make it suitable candidate for spinal implants. These cages can be customised according to the anatomies of different patients.

Research has given amazing results

The research done by the scientist of Stryker has given brilliant results in the field of Tritanium spinal implant. They have also introduced a 3D printed fusion device to showcase how powerful this technology can be.

Tritanium spinal implant is beneficial

As people age their spinal cords absorbing capabilities start depleting. With the absorption capabilities of the Tritanium cage, the absorption capabilities can be restored in the patients suffering from back problems.

500 micron diameter pores

This 3D printed cage has large number of pores inside it to let the bones grow naturally inside them. So with the help of Tritanium spinal implant surgery your bones will grow naturally without any hassle.

Radiolucency of Tritanium

This property of tritanium helps scientists evaluate the fusion in the long term. Research is still in the early stages and has to be tested in different environments so that patient’s life is not risked.

So Tritanium implant surgeries are possible now with the help of these recent discoveries. This can be a solution for the backbone problem of people of old age. This discovery shows how fast human brain is moving to find the new solutions of the problems that are of very complex nature.



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