Caltech solar panels: A source of unlimited energy

The solar panels developed by Caltech can be a source of unlimited energy for earth. These solar panels can convert solar energy into equivalent radio energy. The radio energy can thus be beamed to earth and can be used for variety of other purposes. The energy thirst of earth can be reduced with the help of a space solar power station.

Innovation at its very best

The greatest challenge that our society is facing is of energy. With the population increasing at a very fast rate the need of new sources of energy are must. These new sources of energy must not pose harm to the environment as well. Caltech and Northrup Grumman have initiated one such clean source of energy development program known as Space Solar Power Initiative.

What a professor at Caltech has to say?

He says that this would be one of the largest space structures in the solar space. Such a huge structure has never been developed and sent into the earth’s orbit before. It is quite easy to beam solar energy from space to earth.

A lightweight solar cell title

The solar cell tiles developed by the scientists of Caltech are very lightweight. So launching the solar station into the earth’s orbit would become relatively simple. There will be 900 panels in one satellite and each panel would consist of 400 tiles.

Vision of scientists

Scientist of Caltech have a vision to establish a space station with at least 2500 satellites floating closely around the earth’s orbit to provide energy for the hungry earth. No expensive equipment is required to control the energy that is transmitted from these satellites.

System is very robust and inexpensive

The cost of the development of these lightweight tiles is not much. These tiles are very robust as they can tolerate high intensity solar radiations. However in the case of solar flare one or two tiles can be damaged but the system as a whole will not fail.

If this technology becomes successful we need not to worry about the energy needs of future generations.



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