Civil rights of Transhumans: A major Challenge

Deciding the civil rights of transhumans is a major challenge that our society is facing. With the advent of transhumanism, human beings have become more powerful to an extent that some people want to become new biological species with the help of the technology. This is posing a major threat to the civil society.

Vision of Mr. Maitreya One

The transhumanist nature of Maitreya took him to immortality bus. The bus is designed to support civil rights of transhumans. He wants to become a cyborg in future. He knows that such a step could potentially generate a civil war.

Crimes related to virtual reality

The major challenge faced by the civil society is, how to make rules related to civil rights of transhumans. The questions that keep on arising are

  • Can a robot be jailed for the crimes he commits?
  • Can a robot marry a human?
  • Can a robot be given parenting rights?

The above questions are posing a major challenge to the civil society which is making the issue more complex.

Conservative nature of humans

Conservative nature of human beings has become a major issue for developing the civil rights of transhumans. The lack of open mindedness still prevalent in our society is causing this concern. People do not want to accept the transhumanist nature of human beings.

Religious groups causing hindrance

Maitreya has a chip implant done in one of his hand. As soon as he tells people about this, their views change about transhumanism. They think that the transhumanism and its practices are against the religion.

Robots can cook food for us

Robots can be programmed to do tasks that human beings do in a much efficient manner. Now the question arises as to how we can regulate these machines. With machines starting to work like humans they can become difficult to control in future.

The LGBT movement in danger

The LGBT movement will be affected with the advent of Gender implant surgeries. Through these surgeries, you can pick a gender of your choice. The womb can also be implanted so that men can also have babies.




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