Get cheap home surveillance system with Raspberry Pi

Home surveillance system are bit expensive nowadays but if you are looking for reasonable rates surveillance system with the approach of DIY as well as instructable user Scavix shows off how users can build their own system using Raspberry Pi.

Setting up home surveillance system

Scavix’s system use the camera module of Raspberry Pi along with housing of the camera as well as some other parts. Once the set up is completed, the home gets secured with the home surveillance security system. This system helps in detecting various motion, live stream gets broadcasted and many such other features which keeps your home safe and secured.

Cheap home surveillance system

It may surprise you when you come to know that this powerful home surveillance system has various features but still it is cheap as compared to other surveillance system which are available in market. As this home surveillance system is cheap as compared to other systems, you can set few more surveillance system at your home to keep your home safe and secured.

Instructables about Raspberry Pi Surveillance system

Raspberry Pi provides instructables through which you can come to know how to build the camera for surveillance which is based on the microcomputer that records the video in HD (high definition) whenever something moves in the area which is being monitored.

Users are able to see the live pictures either from any web browser or even through their mobile and can keep a watch on monitored area.

What you can get with Raspberry Pi Home Surveillance System?

There are few benefits which you can get if you install the home surveillance system of Raspberry PI

  • See the live streaming in any web browser from anywhere
  • Recording of any motion is done into a video file.

Mostly such camera as well as surveillance system are expensive but Raspberry Pi provides the same facility with HD video quality at pocket friendly rates.



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