Home automation with features of Amazon’s Echo

The Amazon’s Echo is creating an echo all around the world with its amazing home automation features. No need of doing any task manually when your home assistant Alexa is at your service. This service by Amazon is taking us one step closer to the world of complete automation. The service acts as a robot can get you what you need in no time.

Play music with your words

Tell Alexa, the home automation service by Amazon which song to play and it will play it for you. The service is so quick that you just utter the words of the song and the speaker will play it for you. Amazon has huge music libraries so that you don’t miss out any song.

Amazon’s Echo tells you about feature updates

Generally, you get feature updates in your mailbox. As we all know people’s mail box is always full of important mails, they don’t have time to read all the mails. To solve this problem you can just ask Alexa, What new updates does the particular application have?

A voice controlled home

Echo is an inexpensive way we can automate our home appliances. With Amazon’s Echo, you can adjust the setting of lights of your home.

Get weather updates by a speaker

You can just ask your Amazon’s Echo device to tell you the current weather outside and it will start giving information about it. You can ask other information such as time also.

Want to listen to an article?

There are a lot of book listening options with Alexa. You can start a completely new book present on Audible, which is another Amazon company. You can resume listening to the book just by asking Alexa.

Wikipedia for your ear’s

You can also listen to your favorite Wikipedia article using Amazon’s Echo. You need to just say it to your Bluetooth speaker to play it for you and you are done.

Want help in the Kitchen?

If you just have started cooking and forgot the recipe in between, Alexa is there for you to answer your questions.

So do try out this amazing speaker by Amazon to solve all your day to day problems.




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