Wearable Tech step towards Transhuman to fight diabetes

The Wearable Tech is opening new doors of transhumanism. Human beings are getting closer to machines to solve their problems in a way never imagined before. Automation is being adopted on a wider range by the medical industry to cure the patients suffering from various diseases. People are getting used to the newer technology at a very fast rate.

Wearable tech: way to control Diabetes

No need to take injections any more to control your diabetes. Scientists of South Korea have found a wearable tech gadget that gets fit inside the patient’s body and controls the blood sugar levels using sweat.

How is the wearable tech an example of Transhumanism?

The Diabetes patient can get the wearable tech patch installed in his body. The installation does not cause any pain. The patch consist of micro-needles coated with medication. The sensors in the patch constantly analyse the PH, humidity and temperature of the patient suffering from diabetes. Whenever the blood sugar levels fluctuate, the medicine is automatically released in patient’s body.

Wearable tech taking us closer

Through transhumanism, human beings are pushing their boundaries. This is going on at a very fast rate in the medical field. The idea is to fit machines inside patient’s body to cure them. This technology is proving an aid in this goal. Transhumanism is required to cure the human suffering. Human beings are mortal but machines are not. Human beings are trying to make themselves immortal with the help of these technologies.

Spiritual aspect of Transhumanism and Wearable Tech

Human beings try to improve their condition. This is also written in bible that human beings try to create heaven on earth. Transhumanism contradicts this belief and believes human beings have the power to change themselves without the need of God. Transhumanism is of the view that human beings can create themselves and there is no God. This puts the person in the spiritually unstable position .Wearable tech takes us closer to the transhuman belief. Human beings experience both the spiritual and utopian side of the belief and hence the mystery remains unresolved.




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