Innovation: Solution for all problems

Nowadays, people are getting creative as well as innovative. Multifarious tech companies are coming up in market with new innovative ideas to resolve various problems. Basically, Innovation is done to solve problems as well as to make the life easy and happy. Your life can change at the light speed with the help of these innovations. New innovations leave a huge impact on the life of future generations.

Innovation started by various tech companies

The domes at the Amazon’s downtown headquarter is the real life example of innovation. Domes act as a change agent, when it comes to providing a green campus for the employees where employees can spend time in the natural surroundings after work.

Have you ever ride on roller coaster?

The amusement park owners are also not behind when it comes to innovation. The sole purpose is to attract more people. The roller coasters are getting more vertical to provide you more thrill. The journey of the ride is becoming shorter so that you get the time for other rides as well.

Driver-less cab for you

Have you ever wonder that you are moving to a place in a cab without the driver. Yes it is possible. A project to build these personal pods is underway in Gurgaon, India. These pods will run on an elevated tracks and will carry 5 passengers at a time. This innovation will help the people of Gurgaon to avoid the traffic congestion in the city.

No need of a farm to do farming

A hyperbolic tower is designed to bring the change in the way farming is done. A bamboo farmed building is being conceived in London to perform gardening and to produce clean energy.

Not to forget this creation

This innovation can bring a great surprise for you. What comes in your mind when I say that the chandelier on your roof top will not look the same each day? Artist Mark Sturkenboom has created this crystal art where he used the growing crystals to make the chandelier.

The above are just few of the innovations that are going around the world. There are many more minds working day in and day out for finding these creative ideas to change the way we see the world. So what are you waiting for, start innovating and become the change agent.



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