Stringify – An app for your ideal smart home combination

For all those who love to automate their smart connected devices with an app face a tedious task of managing all their devices with different apps.

The solution for this problem has arrived in the form of a single iPhone app (Android is on the way) that links all smart connected devices and automates them simultaneously. Stringify brings everything into one place. Physical Things such as Misfit wearable, Automatic connected cars and Smart Things smart homes as well as digital services such as Google Drive, Yelp and Facebook can be easily added.

How Stringify Works?

Stringify is similar to another service we love, IF This Then That. However, Stringify is a more customizable version of IFTTT. Its function is twofold: manage smart appliances and Internet-connected devices, and automate them to do whatever you want them to do.

There are a ton of different services and physical devices, all of which are available on the apps download page. You may recognize the Fitbit, Philips Hue light bulbs, Nest devices, and Netatmo devices, as well as digital services like Google Drive, RSS feeds, Reddit, Slack, and plenty of others. The more connected devices you own, the more useful Stringify will be.

Every device is capable of one of two things in Stringify: a trigger or an action. A trigger is a rule that starts the automation process. An action is, well, what happens after the trigger. You can set up Stringify so multiple parameters trigger an action, or so multiple actions get triggered. You can customise it the way you want.

For example, you can set it up so when you arrive at home, your Wi-Fi-enabled light turns on, your Nest thermostat kicks in, and a connected power strip triggers your electric kettle to boil water for an afternoon tea. With Stringify there will be no neet for a different set of programming rules for each of them in their own native apps or tools.

Stringify lets you create your own “flow”.  You need to connect all your smart devices to Stringify. Once all your devices are set up, it’s time to create your first “flow.” A flow is Stringify’s set of automation rules. Again, think “If this and this, then that and that.” Step three is to create your own set of triggers and actions. Once all your parameters are set for all the devices or services in your flow, it’s time to link everything together. To link a trigger to an action, simply drag your finger from a trigger to an action.Things get a little more complicated when you have multiple triggers or multiple actions. For instance, in our example, we want two parameters met before the action happens:

Create your own flow with Stringify

Stringify has a ton of ideas listed on their web site to inspire you to create your own flow.

Teenage Driving: When there is speeding detected in your car (Automatic) but your Location is at home…

Then you can blink your LIFX Color red 40 times and receive an email with the driver name, speeding location and time detected.

To keep you prepared for a rainy day, you can add this flow, every day between 9:00pm and 9:15pm and when the Weather tomorrow is going to be rainy…

Then you will receive an email with the forecasted condition, tomorrow’s high temperature and tomorrow’s low temperature> and turn on your LifX master lamp

Leaving home for work: For example, when it’s between 8am and 9am on a weekday and you leave the house, all of the outlets turn off, two different brands of lights turn off, any music gets paused, and a set of dimmer switches turn off. When that’s all done, you get a notification that tells you your “house is turned off.”

There are, of course, numerous other variations. Take your time, experiment with various settings, and play around with different actions. You may actually find your own ideal smart home combination!




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