BioViva’s solution to save your Life

Diseases are human beings worst enemy. When it comes to incurable diseases these enemy become monsters which devastate our lives. BioViva has solutions to both curable and non-curable diseases with the help of Gene Therapy. Whole medicine world has shaken up with the recent advancements in the Gene Therapy. A lot of new discoveries are being made by BioViva in this field.

How Gene Therapy works?

  • It provides cures for many diseases that are thought as incurable as of now.
  • It has the ability to replace missing or defective genes.
  • Additional genes to increase resistance and protein levels can also be added.
  • Cell growth can also be enhanced using Gene therapy to save your life.
  • Gene therapy has potential to address many cognitive disorders.

Alternatives to regular daily maintenance

The diseases which require regular maintenance and swallowing of pills for lifetime can also be maintained using gene therapy by BioViva where the patient is only required to have 1-2 treatment injections and no need of regular follow-up.

Treatment of Monogenic diseases

  • Monogenic diseases are the diseases which have a defective protein.
  • To save your life Gene Therapy has a potential to cure monogenic diseases.

Treatment of the most deadly HIV and Heart Attacks

With the recent advancement in the field of Gene Therapy done by BioViva, In order to save one’s life Gene Therapy can also be applied to HIV ,Heart Attacks, Alzheimer and more life threatening diseases.

BioViva’s Vectors to save life

These are the vectors for the disease in which in which the transgene is not needed to be integrated into the human genome. There are several advantages of BioViva’s vectors which can be worth considering to save your life. The few vectors that are worth mentioning are:

  • Multiple stereotypes
  • Low immune response
  • Lower cost production
  • Efficient Transduction
  • Dividing/Non-Dividing Cells

BioViva’s research and solutions to cure these diseases are well trusted and tested so that the patients get the best genetic treatment required for their health issues.



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