Gene Therapy: Answer to all your ageing problems

No I am not lying, nor am I telling you the half-truth. Your age can now be controlled, looks interesting right? Are you a person in your mid 40’s thinking how beautiful you looked 15 years before or always keep watching your old photographs when you were young or you always try different things to look younger, Gene therapy has the answer to all your problems. 

Gene Therapy successful against humans

One of the world’s most successful gene therapies to resolve the aging problem has been done by BioViva USA Inc. The CEO of the company Elizabeth Parrish chose herself for the therapy to check the initial findings.

Successful Therapies underwent by 44-year old CEO

Elizabeth Parrish has underwent two different therapies one for the protection of the muscle mass and other for the prevention of stem cells depletion. These stem cells are responsible for ageing and age related diseases.

In the initial findings it has been found out that the life of her cells have been increased by almost 20 years

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres protect the cells from wear and tear. With every cell division they become too short to protect the cells and hence the cell malfunctions and the body starts ageing.

What is a Telomere score?

This is simple, it is calculated on the basis of the length of the white blood cells (WBC).The greater the length of the white blood cells as compared to the average length of WBC’s of the American population in the same range, more will be your Telomere score .The more the Telomere score, more “younger” you would be.

People from around the world are taking interest

Both the scientific and the investment communities are taking interest after the recent success achieved in this field. They are really excited after BioViva’s successful tests.

All eyes will now be on the cells of Elizabeth Parrish, how they behave over the time and we hope new results come out of this therapy and in near future people get these therapies done to resolve the problem of age and age related diseases.




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