Technology changing the human process

The technology is changing human process of evolution at a very fast speed. The humans never thought that in their lives before. This can be proved from the fact that more changes have happened in the last 100 years as compared to last billion. The technology is entering into the human systems in the form of biotechnology.

Shakespeare, in his writing has already wrote about such a change in human evolution. He said that we know our present but we don’t know what our future would be.

Theory of natural selection

The technology is growing at a very fast rate. It is changing what was previously not possible. It is changing the path through which human beings evolve. It is changing the way Darwin thought about the process of natural selection. These changes have the power to diminish all the other theories of human evolution as well.

Language, the most powerful tool

A new agent of evolution in today’s word are ideas. Although ideas are not as intelligent as our DNA. These ideas still carry information. The language allowed us to change and transmit these ideas. These ideas have the power to create and destroy at a very large scale.

Technology is our second skin

Some of the well-known philosophers have merged human beings and technology. That means human learning is taking us more close to technology. We are decreasing the difference between the both. We are crossing the limits of biology to achieve this.

Our brain is not ours anymore

In order to negate death we do various things, as human beings we have a tendency that we should never die. Why do we do this? Because we are unique in the animal world and we are so worried that we need to do something with our lives. This needs to be done quickly too. 

Ernest Becker gives three solutions to the problem of limited life: religion, love and creativity. The religion makes us aware that there is an afterlife and we can negate death. But everyone still dies. Love makes us feel safe and happy. The creativity actually helps us to increase our reach.

Movies showing this bond

A wide range of Hollywood movies are also showing this never ending strong relationship between humans and technology. The latest Hollywood films in this series is Transcendence which depicts this bond.



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