Transhumanism: Man’s New Quest for Immortality

“You will eat food by the swat of your brow until you are buried in the ground, because you were taken from it. You are made from dust and you will return to dust.”

Today’s technology, however, would seem to be on the verge of making the dream of immortality a reality. Lifespans have increased over the last century and now medicines hold the promise of making those lifespans even longer.

Improving our natural ability with technology is transhumanism

Over the last few years, I have received various reactions from the public about my articles on transhumanism. Those reactions have ranged all across the board from spewing hatred to mocking skepticism to genuine interest. The thing with transhumanism the core of its message is whatever it is  espouses, its new thinking. Whether its brain implants, bionic limbs, designer babies, robotic heart, exoskeleton suits, artificial intelligence, or gene therapies that aim to eliminate biological death, its decidedly uncharted territory for the human species.

 Why Transhumanism?

Science has done an amazing job of providing explanation and description, but cannot prescribe how humans should live their lives. IF death were no longer guaranteed, if a life time were not limited to seventy or one hundred years, but instead could be expected to last two hundred, three hundred, or a thousand years, what should change? If technology could right the inequalities of nature what would result? Transhumanist research makes these question pragmatic and not academic.

Curious enough, as augmentation-based medical therapies gain traction through both in-vivo genetic engineering and advanced prosthetic and improve human lives in ways thought impossible in the past, the criticism has gradually subsided.

Today, many would agree that, from a strictly utilitarian standpoint, transhumanism has a great potential to be used for good, with the criticism being mainly aimed towards the implementation and its potential pitfalls and dangers rather than the idea itself.



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