Transhumanism: Life Extension

Transhumanism is a theory that states that human race can develop or go further beyond its physical and mental limitations when it comes to science and technology.  Transhumanism is an intellectual movement that describes that one should improve the human condition through the use of advanced technologies. In simpler language, transhumanism is another word for “Extreme Tech”.

One of the concepts that emerges form transhumanism is “Life Extension”. Through genetic engineering nanotechnology and through other upcoming technologies, eternal life may soon be possible. Thanks to transhumanism!

What life is all about?

  • A growing number of people are turning to transhumanism, which aims to promote human enhancement through the application of science and technology.
  • More than just a philosophy and social movement, transhumansm is for many a way of life. Some experts believe that all genetic-based diseases will be eliminated by 2030.
  • Researchers suspect that the development of strong nanotechnology in the coming decades will result in molecular assemblers that effectively function like Star Trek replicators.
  • A number of experts are hopeful that medical nanotechnology will be used to revive those who are preserved in cryonics stasis. It is also suspected that advances in both nanotechnology and robotics will greatly alter the current socioeconomic infrastructure, potentially resulting in such things as massive unemployment, the need for a basic guaranteed income, and the general rethinking of how people should coordinate their activities and leisure time.

What is the best for Transhumanism?

Apparently members of the materialist religious denomination of futurists, often known as transhumanists, are having a bit of a tussle. No, it isn’t an argument over how many non souls can fit into a computer server array, but about nomenclature.


The perfect word to describe the goals and aspirations so this rather sad and desperate movement: Fiction. But fiction is not just the end of everything hopefully.



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