Drive in the Immortality Bus by Transhumanists

If somebody encounters a giant coffin like the bus on wheels sailing into your towns then, that’s the good charm signal.

That’s the immortality bus you have just seen, captained by Zoltan Istvan, The Transhumanist presidential candidate.

Transhumanists have faith in technology and believe that the gadget world can make mankind substantial, knowledgeable, even morally, healthier and improvised. Like all Transhumanists believe that death is a natural coincidence of nature, rather we do not have to agree on this as unavoidable.

Biohackers are more inclined to the technology is a single lifestyle option. But many see communal and well-being reimbursements for humans in the years ahead. Transhumans believe in working on the degree of the heart-rate at all times, and aware you instantaneously if approximately goes off-center. Transhumanists concerns that this kind of technological progress could be apprehended by big tech/pharma corporations and its welfares restricted to who can afford it as bio-hackers make their work open source so that any common man can utilize it. Transhumanism is just the next step of the humanity.

The chief scientist of them all, Isaac Newton investigated on himself too. A chip in his hand and he would never have to fear about losing his keys again. Don’t you think the movement has begun many years ago?

Hence, Bio-hacking o Transhumanism is the future and is a big investment of time now to secure our future and delay immortality. Researchers or scientists, on the other hand, may or may not agree to the new era of transhumanism. Anyway, we will have to inescapably and essentially have to address the concerns of transhumanism as we move closer to the what we are human today-the techno-humans in the gadget world. For better results and best progress regrouping and discussion on a single platform becomes very essential and life becomes easier too.



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