Transhumanists, in Their Own Words

Transhumanists define Transhumanism as part of science to improvise the biological challenges through advanced technologies.

By this, it does not mean implanting technology into the human body, but ensuring the implanted technology in the striking sense of approaches to eliminate death taking diseases, to an extent eradicating Racism and create more powerful future using the latest technologies.

Also, the reach of these technologies must be readily available to the world’s poorest so that with this the can improve the quality life and social connectivity and so on. For this technology need not have to be expensive, but it has to be powerful and effective and must be able to deliver its need.

Technology is barely noticed because we are so engulfed in using technologies to do various activities in our daily life that it is unified with the fabric of the world. And certainly, the absence of the same technology is quite noticeable when this it is not available. Transhumanists take longer time than the average.

Transhumanists tend to take a longer-than-average interpretation of technological growth while they usual do not look at life just as a five-year plan but forty, sixty or more than beyond this time in the future. Looking not just five or ten years into the future but twenty years, thirty years, and beyond. There might arise a benefit of a doubt that, the more we think of the time beyond the human reach the most unpredictable life becomes. Perhaps it is true, but when human have accepted to bring in technology into their physical body then man is clever enough to think and act upon the uncertain situations of life at that point in time.

The fact is that transhumanism is just a contemporary stint for an age-old phenomenon. Humans have been augmenting civilization, wisdom, strength with various tools since the prehistoric period. But we never took that seriously because that was embedded within human activity. As time passed and when man started conquering Human gene that left the rest of the world surprised and the technology seem to be unnatural or the way to be inhuman towards humans.  That all about the human nature. Very prominent references towards children of this generation where Mobile Games, computers etc. is part and parcel of their lifestyle. So, the digitization and smartphones are already in their minds and transhumanism will just appear like a natural growth and implantation and augmentation. The absence of this for them is inhuman.



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