Transhumanism and Darwinism

Transhumanism is a philosophy of life and a subject of science by itself that hunts for a continuous and speeding up of the process and of the progression of intellectual life.

As far it is the present human form and biological limitations by adapting the available technology at the point of time.

By doing this the transhumanists are fighting against the biological life and strive hard to accelerate human life cycle, human intelligence and thereby delaying death to explore life further and for the betterment of the human race.

One can anytime question if transhumanism is a war against Mother Nature. The answer may be transhumanists are the heirs of evolving humans. Human beings and human life have been evolving for million and billion years now and we continue to evolve until the doomsday. We have been questioning the existence, our evolution, about the universe its evolutions and the other respective aspects of life.

These appear to be fairly philosophical questions from an intellectual upgrade of an individual. Let’s not forget our very closest species the Great Apes like the Chimpanzees and Gorillas Orangutans. It is our continuous growing of intelligence that we have connected to the nearest species. It is due to this ever growing intelligence that perhaps forces us to challenge mortality and the biological weaknesses. The absence of this intelligence would be a moderately delightful sheath of ignorance but not enthusiastically in quest of outdoing it.

The Transhumanists movement is at an acute point in time with the accepting of the probable forth comings that are scattering like the cells in the world today where we are always connected on the web and lot of information available on Internet of Things.

Transhumanism is no longer a somewhat incomprehensible program nonetheless it is a way of life which is becoming more broadly shared in the midst of futurists, researchers, and scientists and on the internet. Transhumans contribute the fusion and amalgamation of technology, machines with humans for an advance and better future and delaying mortality.



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