Pedagogy vs. Transhumanism

Transhumanism is a viewpoint whose quintessence is to practice technology to overcome biological limitations of the man and progress there by the human condition.

This overpowering and enhancement are understood as a liberating man from diseases, aging process and accomplishing the state of complete happiness. So, Transhumanism sounds for supreme development and spread of technology so that man can overcome all his biological limitations and delay death so that he can live a long and explore life to a larger extent.

Transhumanist calls this as a philosophy of technology where they seek scientific ways of using technology to create super humans. There have been many types of research been done, tested and applied and by far this has proved to not only a piece of research, but many scientists entitle this as a subject part of modern world’s- modern science. 

Nevertheless, pedagogy appears to play a role in the H+ movement, though not a critical one but to an extent where information can be passed and gained easily. This is a known fact that Pedagogy and Transhumanism have the same roots.

We are yet nowhere near the understanding of many other scientist imperatives, which I believe is the foundation stone of humanism. So-called “transhumanism” is a fair neologistic gyration on humanism. As our technology and sciences advance, we have to a greater extent the probabilities to segment with each other and to develop our horizons concerning what it means to be “human.”

The foremost ideology of our being will, however, remain human while this is anchored in our heart as everlasting hungry needy life forms. Though we may not fuse with one another even then we will ultimately be able to share better ways of living at many levels. “Singularity” is a parched perception, whereas “near” may be the techno sorted mindsets of its organizers.



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