The Immanent variation of Transhumanists

Did you ever imagine, how the Planet Earth around us would transform in the future? This is 40, 50 or 60 years or many years from now on. And what’s about transhumanists in this “updated” world?

We have already begun a big leap towards the futuristic techno era. Our future vows unbelievable and prodigious technology that will transform the weak, failing parts, vulnerable human body to a very beautiful, energetic, supreme high techno machines. That’s what transhumanists dream about.

But, the point to ponder is when many people start hacking their meat bags bodies beyond the existing of biological powers what happens to everyone?Can everyone afford this sky high technology? But there is always a deficiency of the natural human body that is no longer good enough. To gain something you must lose something which is the nature of the existence and have very well, have always accepted. That’s the way, transhumanists think ,that will lead to a new life.

We can already catch a sight of few technology enhancements that are happening around us in the Healthcare industry where artificial limbs are replaced by the amputated, diseased failing limb or arm. We could also see that pacemakers are introduced to maintain the heart rate and continue the human body to exist. These are few examples where hacking your body becomes essential for the human race to survive. This is not about pushing the body’s natural capabilities, but believing in regaining the lost powers. Let’s see a couple of technologies where humans have hacked their natural capabilities to become transhumanists.

Magnetic Fingertips

Did you ever realise that we always say it’s my sixth sense warned me to do this and do that! We always linked this to our premonition or imaginations. But, let’s go one step ahead beyond our imagination. This is all about inserting a small bio-coated magnetic chip into your fingertips.This allows you to attach anything that’s slightly magnetic in nature around you like, clips, pins or any metallic objects.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) implantations By Kevin Warwick

There are implants that are mostly embedded into the body of the pets in case they’re lost, stolen or pets that have gone rogue so that they can identify their owners. But did you ever imagine of implanting this RFID in a human body to control doors, lights and adjust surrounding just by the sensors? Project Cyborg is all started by a British Engineer and researcher Kevin Warwick, where he implanted RFID into his arm.

EyeTap by Steve Mann – the thing transhumanists waited for the most.

Steve Mann, considered as ’father of wearable computing’ with his invention on an EyeTap. It is worn in front of a human eye, acting as a camera and allowing to superimpose information on top of the images, creating an augmented reality. This acts an aid to people with visual disability.

The list goes on and on where you can describe people doing great things by putting these chips into their body, attaching strange things to their bodies to do something beyond the natural abilities.

Who will own these disruptive technologies of life’s extension to win over mortality and become immortal?  Certainly, this lies within every individual. We have broken the traditional rules of life and death and have given way towards evolving technology. We have accepted to adapt or die because we are Digital Darwinism era, where the evolution of technology is super fast than the ability to adapt. After all this we feel that immortality is not about logistics and the reach of these logistics.



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