InMoov Robot: Beautiful truth behind something we were taught to fear

We’ve all seen movies featuring robots that rise up against their creators and bring about the end of human society. Scary, right?

But truthfully, there isn’t anything scary about InMoov, the first life like 3D printed robot the world has ever seen, created by Gael Langevien. Geal has only been involved in robotics since January 2012, and still works full time as a sculptor and designer, working on robotics projects in his free time.

But Geal didn’t do it alone, he had help from others, thanks to InMoov’s open source. He says that having helpers makes the whole process of building artificial intelligence go much smoother. One engineer who calls Australia home even made it possible for the robot to move its jaw when it speaks, just like humans.

It’s Langevein’s dream to build a campus located in Paris, France, which also happens to be where his own studio is located, where robotics students can learn their craft in a hands on environment, and build robots to help and support the elderly and disabled.

But what about the possibility of less well-meaning people getting their hands on the open source code? While that is a possibly, Langevein believes that is exactly why it’s best to have it be open source, that way if someone with unsavory intentions does use it in a way it wasn’t intended for there are a greater number of people capable of counteracting any wrong done.

It is Langevein’s goal to create robots that help humanity, not harm it. Most of his robots are given names, they respond to spoken commands, and even seem to treat humans with respect.

All this talk of Robots that assist and even behave like real humans may sound like something out of a science fiction movie to some, but this is the reality we live in today, a reality where this is not only possible, but acutely happening. People who have met the InMoov robot have been quoted saying it was a beautiful and emotional experience that truly moved them.




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