Goals and Strategies to grow the movement of Transhumanism

Transhumanism is one of the international movement which aims to use the science as well as technology so that there is improvement in the human beings.

In past few years this movement is growing in leaps and bounds.

RAAD, one kind of transhumanism festival which was celebrated in San Diego last year. There were many thought leaders who have come to witness this celebrations like Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Aubrey as well as Dr. Joseph Mercola and were sharing their ideas on our future. There was a question arise regarding: “What are the best strategies for transhumanism movement moving forward?”

In addition to uploading the American values, prosperity as well as security, there are three primary goals of political agenda which are as follows:-

  1. Attempting to do everything which is possible so that the scientists as well as technologists of the country have the resources to overcome the human death and aging in span of 20 years.
  2. Creating a mindset of culture in America that embrace as well as creates the radical technology and science which will be the best interest of the nation and species.
  3. Creating the national and planetary safeguards along with programs so that people feels protected from the abusive technology and other possible global perils we might face as we transition into the era of transhumanist.

Apart from goal there are three different strategies which can help in growing the transhumanism movement. They are as follows:-

  1. Present the transhumanism in media which engages the ways that emphasizes health, wellbeing, democracy as well as uploading of humanitarian values.
  2. The second goal is to ask questions as well as to challenge the other political candidates which are related to transhumanist mind.
  3. The third strategy is to unite the pool of transhumanists, singularitarians, cyborgists, biohackers, robotics, longevity advocates, futurist and all other tech as well as science minded groups out under one banner.

With the help of different strategies as well as goals we can grow the Transhumanism movement globally.




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