In Russia, Transhumanism is basically patriotism via self- improvement

We could see a robo -President hunt a tiger in our lifetime. It’s all about transhumanism.

In November, Transhumanism party presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan told Inverse he was concerned that another country would beat the United states to a “political transhumanist- inspired revaluation”.

At the time, Istvan didn’t throw out the name of any one country, but the obvious choice gives a bit of cold war flair to Istvan’s warning.

The Russian Cosmists proposed a “unique combination of scientific and occult ideas”. If Cosmism is viewed by its prominent adherents as the most Russian and therefore most significant current of thought running from the nineteenth through the twenty first century, outside Russia the movement and the figures associated with it are all but unknown.

A resurgence in a popularity of the Cosmist ideas and writing in Russia has led Bernstein to question whether the way of thinking is now a “nationalist movement, indeed a new Russia idea. Bernstein also raised the point of Vladimir Putin. While neither President Putin or the Russian government has ever offered official support of the cosmist way of thinking, some have taken to analyzing the Russian leader’s public statements. Ina December speech the president announced, “We all want the same thing: well-being for Russia. So the relations between business and the state should be built on the philosophy of the common task, partnership and equal dialogue.

Some cartoonist has joked that Putin supports Cosmist/transhumanist initiatives so that he can extend his life enough to keep running for President. Russia 2045 is the project of the millionaire media mogul Dmitry Itskov, whose initiative to replace biological bodies with artificial avatars may seem insane but not not-insane enough to not be profiled in the business section of The New York Times.

While the organisation’s website notes that a “100 percent guarantee on implementation within a specific time cannot be provided” it does encourage people to start thinking about what robotic avatars they will prefer- a robotic copy of a human body with a brain-computer interface, a robotic body that will carry your head once your first body runs out of steam, or a “completely non-biological” body. Isn’t it transhumanism biggest achievement?

Russian-identifying martial-artist Steven Seagal is a supporter of 2045 project and personally wrote to Vladimir Putin requesting that he support what he describe as a “social movement”. “For me it is obvious that this initiative will strengthen Russia’s position in world science, [and] underline Russia’s role in the international community as the country calming leadership in the setting and solving global problems for the betterment of mankind,” writes Seagal in his letter to Inverse when they try to reached out to Seagal to see if his support for the project still stands.




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